Youthfullness and Dancing

I have been observing that the ability to use and manage high   energy while dancing is a giant divider between the less   accomplished and the elite dancers on the floor. Coming from a   dance background, it’s been an interesting journey to see just how   much has to evolve before high energy can even enter the equation.   The biggest piece that you can feel in your body driving this   readiness for “more” isn’t the acquisition of necessary strength &   technical knowledge, but a decrease in tension throughout ones   body. The diminishing tension in your lower thighs will enable   more power thru your quads and thus better connection thru your   feet to the floor, and the diminishing tension in your shoulders &   shoulder blades will make you crave more energetic shaping and   expression. When the tension is there, it’s an awful feeling of   the opposite… wanting to move but feeling bound & unable.

So clearly, unlocking the bodys skeletal & muscular components seems directly related to the amount of energy one can put into one’s dancing. Of course, that by definition is called youthfulness, and says a lot about the difference between young people’s dancing vs. the senior crowd.


Isaac Altman, Former Undisputed, Undefeated World Salsa Champion

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