Medical Breakthrough

Friday, September 27, 2013


International Dance Studio Medical Breakthrough!


Amazing Medical Breakthrough Announced!


Dramatic Cure for Mysteriously Debilitating Condition!




Researchers at the International Dance Studio, Miami, Florida, today announced the successful completion of testing on a new treatment for that mysteriously debilitating condition known as “2 Left Feet”. Review of the tests by the FDA (Federal Dance Administration) reveal that this new method is 120% effective in clinical trials.


“2 Left Feet” has most commonly been encountered in males, manifesting itself when they are asked about dancing, although it is known to afflict women also. The most common symptom of this ailment is the victim saying, “I can’t dance – I have 2 left feet”.

Tests, until now kept tightly under wraps, show that after just one night of Swing, Foxtrot or Salsa, at International Dance Studio, Miami, Florida, all symptoms of “2 left feet” disappear. This condition is frequently replaced with:


      “Wow that was fun, let’s do it again”

      “Gee, I didn’t know dancing was so easy”

      “What a nice way to meet new people”.


The studies reveal that once the treatment is applied the symptoms never recur. Dancers report repeated instances of smiling and feeling happy, much livelier social lives, and a dramatically improved sense of well- being from the vigorous (but gentle) exercise provided by dancing.


Those taking the treatment for extended periods have been observed dancing in their living rooms when they think no one is watching, and showing off their dance steps at friends’ weddings.


Studies have shown that additional benefits include elimination of complaints about “nothing to do” and disappearance of the words “there is no place around here to meet anyone nice” and “how come you never take me anywhere romantic”.


The tests have been conducted Monday through Saturday since January 1991, with lessons from 11AM to 9 PM, and VIP Dance Parties from 9PM to 11 PM at least twice a month.  The treatment center, International Dance Studio, is located at 8080 SW 81 Dr., Miami, Florida, in the Kings Creek Shopping Center.   Isaac Altman, head of clinical dance research, can be reached at (305) 271-0606 or at

Experts caution that left untreated, “2 left feet” can lead to uncontrolled bouts of television watching, whining and aimless mall shopping. It may even cause those experiencing this ailment to fall victim to the dreaded condition, “couch potato”. Experts advise immediate treatment.



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